Tampa Firefighters Museum Promo

Narrated by radio personality Tedd Webb this promo was one of the first efforts to begin marketing the museum. For more information about the museum call 813-964-6862. Located at 720 Zack Street in downtown Tampa the museum is open 10a-2pm Tuesday thru Saturday.

About TFM

Built in 1911, this building served as headquarters for the Tampa Fire Department until 1974 when the building across the street was dedicated.

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Old Fire station

During its active service years, this building presided over the 63 year transformation from horse-drawn apparatus to diesel powered rescue and firefighting vehicles. Stables were removed and bay doors were enlarged for larger and larger vehicles. Some of the worst fires in Tampa’s history were fought by dedicated firefighters rushing out of this building.

After its active service years, the building was used as storage and office space for city programs. Realizing the importance of preserving Tampa’s fire service history, a group of citizens began a 10 year project of raising funds to restore the building and open the Museum. That the Museum is open today is a testament to the persistent hard work and determination of a handful of citizens and firefighters.

The mission of the Tampa Firefighters Museum is to preserve the heritage of the Tampa Fire Department and promote life safety education and fire prevention within the community.

The Tampa Firefighters Museum’s vision is to preserve the rich history, culture, and significance of the Tampa Fire Department by sharing real-life events, exhibits, and life safety education while ensuring our future by encouraging the next generation to pursue the fire service as a profession.

In her 2007 inaugural address, Mayor Iorio declared Zack Street as the “Avenue of the Arts.”

The Tampa Firefighters Museum is located directly adjacent to Tampa Fire Rescue Station One at 720 East Zack Street in the heart of downtown Tampa.  This beautifully restored 18,000 square foot facility stands as a tribute to all those who have served and continue to serve our great city.

The Tampa Firefighters Museum offers cultural and civic programs, exhibitions, seminars, training workshops, and children’s programs dedicated to the development and education of the public.

  • Tampa Firefighters Museum

    Built in 1911, this building served as headquarters for the Tampa Fire Department until 1974 when the building across the street was dedicated.

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Fire Truck Hood

In 2008, the Tampa Firefighters Museum expanded with the addition of its 300 seat exhibition hall.  The exhibition hall hosts traveling exhibits and events dedicated to promoting the history of the Tampa Fire Department and the fire service as a whole.  Several times a year, the Mayor and other City Officials gather in the exhibition hall for a swearing in ceremony. With proud family and friends looking on in admiration, each new City of Tampa Firefighter begins his/her career.

The Tampa Firefighters Museum reaffirmed its dedication to public safety education with the recent addition of a hands-on, interactive, fire safety and emergency awareness classroom. Opened in 2009, the gift shop is located on the first floor. Here you can obtain fire safety education materials, and purchase museum or Tampa Fire Rescue memorabilia.

The Tampa Firefighters Museum has been designated a “local historical landmark” by the City of Tampa Historic Designation Division. It has also received numerous restoration and preservation awards including the Commercial Restoration Achievement Award from Tampa Preservation Incorporated, and the Hillsborough County Historic Preservation Award.